Daily Archives: June 11, 2013

Love An Elder Day Activities

Seven Suggestions

  1. Introduce yourself to an elderly neighbor.
  2. Send or drop-off a Love An Elder Day greeting card to an elderly friend, neighbor or relative.
  3. Ask a frail neighbor if they’d like something from the store.
  4. Volunteer with or donate to an organization that helps elders.
  5. Call an elder you haven’t spoken with for a while.
  6. Do something nice for an elder.
  7. Take an elder who is able “out on the town!”

Claudia 1

Our AZ Cactus Diva Red Hatter org. will visit residents at a senior facility. We will take each a faux corsage, greeting card and on site photo shoot and plenty HUGS!!

Love An Elder Day provides folks with a simple and clear message about how we can change the culture. Celebrate it with your group or org.

LiLY heard from a Boca group that wants to bring Love An Elder Day to FLA! Visit LoveAnElder.org for ways to bring it to your town.