Classes – Tree Of Art

For the 4th-7th Grade Level Student – The Tree of Art

Ask students to draw their family tree, the trick is to go back on time as memory best allows it. As the students draw the various branches of their family, ask them to number from 1-10 (10) being the highest the amounts of respect that each generations deserves according to them. Ask students if this idea should be expanded to include older seniors in general and why. Because they are the bearers of civilization and have handed down “know-how” to the following generations…and continue to do so.

Read one of the books on the list offered HERE about a cross-generational relationship. Write a sentence that captures a main learning had by the reader about seniors. Then, create illustrations, using one or various media that might capture this idea. The sentence should be printed beneath the finished work of art. The class could create an exhibition for the school and for viewing by families, including senior members. Photos of the submissions can be sent to Lifeforce in Later Years web master ( for inclusion on its website.

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