Group Game: A Global Story

Love An Elder Games such as the following, A Global Story, are a refreshing way to engage elders and their friends or visitors in new ways and help build mutual understanding and bonds.

Age Range: Any
Number of Players: Any
Playing Time: 20+ mins

No matter how far away we are from our place of birth we seem to always find a place, we can call home. Sometimes, home is anywhere a loved one is or has been. We can always count on storytelling to bridge in the past and present, the then and the now. This game is designed to identify and share three things among the players, a historical/cultural fact, a sentimental fact, and a personal story about a friend/family that lives/lived in the chosen location. As a social icebreaker, this game allows us to learn about the interests and sentiments of the player, and to create a positive rapport amongst the participants. The 3 facts can be shared in the form of storytelling. All the participants will judge the person who is telling the story (1-10), the location with the most points wins. The game is structured to be inquisitive about the lives led by the participants, these stories are shared with others and their knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.

History before the invention of writing systems was shared through storytelling; accordingly, these short narrations of past events allow the players to build on new relationships while remembering their past experiences. Our elders have raised, coached, taught, and shared their experiences and knowledge with younger generations. What better way than to honor them, by taking the time to listen to their wonderful tales!

Game Object
The objective of this game is to accumulate the most points, by scoring high points through story telling. Each turn is worth 40 points, 10 points per category (30) and up to 10 points can be gained depending on the distance between their current location and the location described(more distance=more points). Players can decide on this part of the rules. If desired the distance can be measured between continents, countries, states, cities, or street blocks.

Game Contents
(1) MAP- interchangeable item
(2) Index cards- used as score board, each player uses it to give out scores to the person who is telling the story.
(3) Pen/Pencil
(4) Pushpins
(5) Ruler

Game Assembly
Distribute pens/pencils amongst players. Place map on a flat surface (wall/table). Place push pins and index cards together.

Game Setup
The game is set up the same way regardless of the number of players. It’s important to keep in mind that the players should write down then name of the story teller on top of their index card, the scorer can be anonymous.

Game Play
The oldest person in the room is the one who will start the game, followed by the second oldest, and so on.

Turn Sequence
On a player’s turn, the player will be asked to tell 3 stories/facts about their chosen location. Their location is marked by the pushpin and the distance between their current location and their chosen location is measured. This number should be recorded by the game monitor. The other players will judge on the content, liveliness, etc of each story. At the end of the round, after all the distances are recorded, they are converted to points from 1-10, once again the larger the distance, the more points are awarded. The game can be played for multiple rounds. Once the players are satisfied, they can add their scored per round and the person with the most points earns bragging rights. He/she will be Honorary Storyteller!

Special Conditions

If a player has already checked-in on a location, and another player decides to use the same location, they will have to story duel for the mayorship of that place.

Story Duel- consist on having a tie breaker, both players will have 3 minutes to name up to 10 restaurants, museums, any historical place that belongs to their chosen location. The player with the answers wins. In order to be fair, the second player will go first, followed by the defending mayor. Answers cannot be repeated, by the defending mayor, these answers will not count. The second player has to pay close attention to make sure that the answers are not recycled. The player with most answers can accumulate up to 5 points, while the loser gets up to 5 points subtracted from his total score.


  • Player with the highest score wins
  • The win has to be by exact count.
  • If there is a tie, a tie breaker has to be played. Both players will narrate their life stories to the audience, they can be focused on their most precious accomplishments, birthdays, first time (biking, driving, baking, traveling, etc.). Each participant will be judged by the other players, the player with the highest score wins.

Game play Variations
This game can be played according to current location and participants.

Strategy tips
Players are allowed to use their hands, sound effects; anything that can implement to their story is welcomed. The goal is to entertain; details are a way to help others relate to the story! Remember that the greater the distance, the greater the score

Game developed by Geovanna K. Carrasco.
Lifeforce in Later Years (LILY)

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