Group Game: Train Tracks

Age Range: Any
Number of Players: Any
Playing Time: 20+ mins

Did you know that, “conversations tend to follow cues?” In fact, most of the time the person who continues the conversation tends to use the same words! This game is all about listening, attention and wit. It has been designed to follow a domino effect. As a social ice breaker, it will enable imagination, past events, and experiences to be shared among its players.

Game Object
The objective of this game is to try to keep up with the story being told. It is all about using at least one of the words that were used before and to continue the story successfully while entertaining the audience. This is where imagination is necessary, each player can guide the story however they want, as long as they use (1) word used before.

Game Contents
(1) Imagination
(2) Wit
(3) Attention

Game Assembly
All players should be comfortably sitting (semi-circle if not too many players). Same age players should not sit next to each other.

Game Setup
The game is set up the same way regardless of the number of players.

Game Play
The oldest person in the room is the one who will start the game, there should be a mixed audience (age) in the semi circle.

Turn Sequence
On a player’s turn, the player will be asked to start or continue the story. If the player is starting the story, he/she can decide the setting, genre, etc. of the first round of the story. After every round, the next player is allowed to change the direction of the story. The players should not take more than 3-5 minutes. There are various categories that these stories can follow, remember that this should be instructional, the more history, facts, advice, the merrier.

Nature History Cultural International
War Peace National Movements Projects
Pop Culture Cuisine Love First times

Special Conditions
This is your game; make it fun for yourself and everyone else.

Everyone is a winner! Once the game is over, all the players will gain valuable knowledge of themselves and the other players. By listening, to one another, the players allow others to listen to their ideas, implement their ideas and to become acquainted with their story.

Strategy tips
Players are allowed to use their hands, sound effects; anything that can implement to their story is welcomed. The goal is to entertain; details are a way to help others relate to the story!

Game developed by Geovanna K. Carrasco.
Lifeforce in Later Years (LILY)

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