Religious Classes – Confirmation or Bar/Bat Mitzvoh

For the student planning a ceremony like a Confirmation of a Bar/Bat Mitzvoh Student, depending on the traditions of your religion

Created by educators Naomi Baumgarten & Curricula team. Lifeforce in Later Years; | T.917-775-1199

Warm-Up Session
Teacher writes the 5th commandment on the board: Honor thy father and thy mother. Ask the class if this should be extended to their grandparents or elderly people in general and if so why or why not. These are the fathers and mothers of others, but do families help one another with duties? What about older people who never had children? Should they be honored as well? Why or why not? Ask students to find a definition for “honor”. (According to MW dictionary: to regard or treat (someone) with admiration and respect : to give special recognition to…) Ask students to write down why we should admire or respect or honor an older person. Share. Some say that older seniors should be honored because whether teaching someone to use a knife and fork or how to play the piano, and many have consoled, encouraged, and loved us. Older people have provided and continue to provide the next generation with these type of legacies and more.

Focused Activity
Students can be asked to visit with an elder (older senior of 80 years plus) to share advice about the ritual and also to share his/her experience of practicing for a similar occasion. The student will write down the advice and bring to class for group sharing. The advice given can be written on the board as bulleted points, and the class can decide if each seems valuable. Students can create a “blog” explaining their findings for October 1st, Love An Elder Day in the state of New York.

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