How Can My Organization or Congregation Get Involved?

Love An Elder looks forward to learning more about how YOU celebrate your elders at your organization.

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  • Organize a Love An Elder Day group to identify your elderly members with contact information.
  • Host a Love An Elder day celebration bringing your members in touch with elderly members for a social gathering. Be sure to help your elders with transportation to and from and identify one lead “friend” to connect with them before and during your event.
  • Organize a Love An Elder Day card-writing event. Purchase cards from and mail or drop-off your cards during the week of September 30th.
  • Organize a special committee or team to discuss ways in which your group can be more responsive to the needs of your elders. Are there ways in which you can help elders be less socially isolated, connect with neighborhood resources, feel less fearful, or better navigate in their homes, buildings, or neighborhoods?
  • Take photos of your favorite elders and/or write a short story about how an elder has made a difference in your life. Share your photos and/or stories on your group’s newsletter, service, or post on
  • Create a celebration delivery team who will deliver small “we care” packages to frail seniors.
  • Feature your elders in a special session, meeting, or event at your organization.
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