Literature: Books for reading, responding to in writing, and discussion about Cross-Generational Relationships

For 4th to 7th Grade Level Students

Created by educators Naomi Baumgarten & Curricula team. Lifeforce in Later Years; | T.917-775-1199

Mrs. Katz and Tush- Patricia Polacco- an intergenerational friendship between elderly Jewish lady and young African American neighbor.

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox- a little boy who helps residents of retirement home.

The Secret of the Red Shoes by Joan Donaldson- a woman tells her great-granddaughter about her life through shoes.

Loop the Loop by Barbara Dugan- a friendship between an elderly person and a young girl.

Say Hello, Lily: A Book About Children and the Elderly by Deborah Lakritz- a young girl visits an assisted living home.

The Lemon Sisters by Andrea Cheng- an 80-year-old woman narrates the story of memories sparked by seeing three young neighborhood children playing in the snow.

How Does It Feel to Be Old? By Norma Farber- a grandmother tells her feeling about growing older to granddaughter.

The Two of Them by Aliki- tells of the relationship between a girl and her grandfather and how she continues to take care of him even when he gets sick.

Maxie by Mildred Kantrowitz- learning that Maxie, an elderly woman, is feeling lonely the community decides to make an effort to connect with her.

The Old Woman Who Named Things by Cynthia Rylant- an elderly woman who names inanimate objects she knows she can never outlive as a way of protecting herself against loss realizes its worth it to form a living relationship.

Grandpa’s Song by Tony Johnston- tells of the relationship between a grandfather and his grandchildren and how that relationship continues even after the grandfather begins to have memory lapses.

Naomi and Mrs. Lumbago by Gilles Tibo- 7-year-old Naomi finds a friend in her elderly neighbor, Mrs. Lumbago
Gramma’s Walk by Anna Grossnickle Hines- a boy and his grandmother go on imaginary trips together.

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