Simple Acts of Kindness

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Simple Acts of Kindness can make all the difference!

Meagan Conway

Hello – I am writing on behalf of the Adopt a Senior Organization. We started as a small non-profit group focusing on the Riverside Rehab and Nursing Center in NY and are now spreading our message into New Jersey. We would love to link up and help spread the word about how we can all help in the lives of our lonely seniors in nursing care.

Please visit our website at and let me know if we could become one of your partners in caring.

Thank you,

Meagan Conway
Communications Director
Adopt A Senior

Mr. Anthony J Trimboli Howard Beach, NYC

If you have morning hours, I can always help at your event in May there at Columbia University there. Yes, I always help out elders that I work with there and live with by treating them with respect and like other things too. I value elders a lot because they are older in the home and above me. Yes, I always show respect to my elders. I can always help out at your event on May 9th there. I work with Tavi and Friends in Bay Shore, NY and with Church in the Village in Manhattan, NYC

Quinn Lemley

Today I am calling my “showbiz” mom, former Broadway dancer, Jeanne Snow who is 89 years young and can still extend her leg above her head! A true ballerina! She and her husband Harry Snow, worked with Fosse, Ballenshine and so many other famous people. All my life they have been my inspiration to be in the arts and have always been my “Show Biz” parents! What a great day!

Eusebia Milanes

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experieces but most of all your wisdom. Happy Special Elder day, and always for the rest of your live…many more years, my special wish. Gracias de todo corazon!


To: LiLy

Thank you, kindly!
I will celebrate with acts of kindness toward my neighbors!
I hope to include a dinner somewhere in there, as well. Maybe just a bowl of soup. Make sure seniority is well fed and hang some of their favorite pictures up on the wall. That, to me, is important; therefore, they can look back on the memories of their lives.

From: Tawnee

Ron Bruno

Our organization, Morningside Retirement and Health Services (MRHS), put a notice about “Love An Elder Day” in our monthly Newsletter, including a link to this site in the digital version of the Newsletter.