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September 9, 2013. Love An Elder Day

October 1st is now Love An Elder Day in New York, as proclaimed by Mayor Bloomberg. Coinciding with the UN International Day of Older Persons, Love an Elder Day is an opportunity for communities and the media to focus attention on the fastest growing group of Americans, those over the age of 80. In these times, when families often live hours away from oldest relatives, and when our eldercare system is not comprehensive, many must face dire challenges. But, LiLY is part of the solution.

Love an Elder Day seeks to galvanize people nationwide to engage with seniors through schools, workplaces, houses of worship, local government and with grassroots effort, create their own local infrastructure of companionship and assistance. The Love an Elder Day website provides suggestions for activities and curriculum to encourage everyone to get involved in the issues that plague our elderly neighbors, October 1st and every day.

Here in New York we will have a whole month of getting the word out with an ad campaign, LAED celebrations, including a Gala Luncheon, a cocktail party for our “Action Heroes” and a benefit concert. We hope our September visibility campaign around NYC will spawn additional events all over the city. As well, the small town of Margaretville, NY in the Catskills is piloting a LAED celebration, with events and an ad campaign.

Love an Elder Day has come to fruition under Lifeforce in Later Years (“LiLY”), a nationally recognized nonprofit based in Manhattan where the goals of Love an Elder Day are practiced every day: community members working locally to improve the daily quality of life and sense of belonging for our most vulnerable neighbors. LiLY currently has 90+ volunteers matched with 80+ seniors living at home in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, the eldest of whom is about to turn 103.

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